Welcome To Taju Audu & Co.

TGS Taju Audu & Co. is the TGS Global member firm in Nigeria, a dynamic accountancy network specializing in the provision of Accounting, Audit, Tax and Commercial legal services. TGS Global is present in Forty-Four (44) Countries and more than Ninety (90) Offices around the World and this has provided a rich pool of experience for members and further enhanced international best practices. At TGS Taju Audu & Co., adaptation is our driver for excellence. We work with our clients to continuously adapt and respond to the constantly changing complex, competitive and globalized business environment.

Our knowledge of specific industries gives us an edge in the professional services industry in Nigeria. This gives us an opportunity to render high quality and specialized services to our clients and enables them to distinguish themselves in their various fields… Read More


“To be the best Accounting Firm in service to our clients and provide equal opportunities to staff for unique individual talents to excel in a professional environment”


“To provide Value Added Audit, Accounting, Tax and other Consulting Services to the satisfaction of our clients while providing opportunities for growth and career advancement for employees in a highly professional environment”