Agreement Taekook

For “the distant friends who just got together the night before,” Taekook is terribly close and welcoming in this episode. The beginning of the year is particularly challenging with resolution-oriented conversations due to celebrity pressure and the inconveniences associated with it. Taekook seems to be in the middle of the problem. After the support of the Hyungs and the first contract extension negotiations, things are improving for Taekook. They become stronger and safer than ever when even the bra supports them. Jk began to feel a little suffocated after a while, so he integrated gently and let Tae sit upright, but with no intention of pushing him away. He stops running to finish reading his messages before entering the kitchen. Tae then blows his leg against JK. Maybe he wanted him to wake up but stay in bed and lie quietly together for a while – even though the two felt too comfortable in the end. Tae then expresses his concern about his kitchen and seems to have some problems. Tae let himself fall completely relaxed against Jk. The Taekook sit next to each other while they eat – perhaps the last two to join.

They become impatient when they are done eating and get up. First it`s Jk and then Tae follows and surrounds the table to go where he is. When Tae quietly asks him what they think of the landscape – looking directly at Jk – the youngest gently replies the following – As there is nothing he can help them, Jk silently looks at his phone and stays nearby, waiting to see if it was necessary. Exactly this scenario is actually unknown – at least to Soop viewers. It seems that they cross a few words – even if they are not heard – and for some reason, Jk hands his phone to Tae. We found that editors can change the volume of their microphones because Jimin can be heard muffled at some point during this scene. We discover that he actually visits jungkook. Jimin also joins them and the four of them enjoy the show. In addition, it is respectful not to turn on the light, because Jk was not obliged to get up. As already said, anything is possible in this case (as long as Tae spent the night / when he arrived at the boathouse). Tae was also on his back looking at the toe of his right foot facing the door (the foot with the exclamation mark is Jks facing the wall). * Just for fun – the editors have added a delightful caption for the Tae canoe: Jk laughs when Tae reappears and asks him if he`s having fun – happy to see Tae having fun.

some close-ups of Tae positioning himself (mainly for his feet as it`s quite intimate) – Here Jk`s tattooed arm is blurred next to Tae`s head – Jk always turned upwards. The first thing he asks is how well they behaved in the kitchen. Back in Seoul, BTS visited the studio to record soop`s theme song. Although there is an empty chair, when Tae returns from recording his role, he sits on Jk`s lap, who does not protest. That`s what Tae saw as he walked into the room – it confirms what the authors have been saying since the beginning of June – that BTS` new contracts with BH are now officially in effect. They renewed them early (October 2018), but they are in effect from June 14, 2020, which means that BTS will have more freedom and advantages as they had their glory to negotiate in their favor. He then moves from the main house to the floating house where Jk lives. Jk is also drowsy and yawns next to Hobi, unlike Tae, who is very awake. Both tried to accompany him. Jk yawns – Tae lights three at once – quite bravely – and runs away.

Hobi on Tae: “He is so zealous.” That night, it was Tae and Joon`s turn to cook. Shortly after they began, Jk would go to the House of Lords if they needed help. It was a common scene to see Jk during his time in the kitchen, whether he was called or volunteered to join him – this time the latter. Once there, he first calls Jk, pauses, and also calls Tae in a higher and slightly surprised tone. Shows that it was unexpected for him. Tae tells Jk to do the same thing as him and turn on three at once – scary because it`s critical, but with nice results. He tried to listen, but ran away at 2 a.m. from .m. It is weakly reminiscent of “we were always insulted together even then”. Tae let his insecurities float above the water saying he would never cook again if he spoiled such a delicious steak that was so hard to botch.

Jk was aware of Tae`s lack of confidence when it comes to cooking, and this was his way of encouraging him. June 2 (filmed) – The next day, Tae seems shabby when they report an error he was involved in. The Taekook are the only ones to light the fireworks. They must be the most excited and daring, given that Hobi was quite afraid to approach. June 3 (filmed) – Tae wakes Jk up to watch the sunrise, which they later mention. He is seen leaving the floating house shortly after the first rays of light began to illuminate the sky. * There is a debate about whether Tae spent the night in Jk`s room, but we think the images are inconclusive. This doesn`t contradict the official story, but it`s also compatible with Tae, so decide what you want.

Some think tae had to stay because he wasn`t shown entering the room, but keep in mind that this was an accelerated time lapse of 1 or 2 hours with a lot of missing images (lots of cuts). It was just lucky that only one image of tae coming out entered the final sequence. The frame cannot be seen in the weverse app due to differences in resolution, compression, and frame rate compared to the desktop version of weverse (where illegal downloads come from), as one professional explained to us. We checked the official desktop version and Tae`s frame is still there, which means the bra didn`t try to hide it. Simply put, there is no plot by BH to trace and omit Tae as she leaves the boathouse. To change Tae, BH would have to download the file again, which means that those who see via Weverse on a desktop computer wouldn`t see Tae either. A single file is processed and encoded to work on as many devices as possible. This means different versions of the same video in different formats with different compressions – but all derived from the single download (depending on the person quoted below who works in the technique). Disclaimer: This person works in engineering and has had conversations with his partner, who is also active in technology. Please check the facts. Speculative post: Tae shares this song on her Instagram – Hobi watches and doesn`t leave until they get up. He had to be careful.

This can be very subjective, but he seems to behave somewhat cautiously and looks at it as if he were studying the situation. They pass through the lighter in between, which is heavily involved in the bonding activity. “When will we ever have this opportunity?” they asked later. First, they play capture until they run out of energy – like the day before. Notice the placement of Jungkak`s hand for a brief moment – floating casually. The way he sits on Tae instead of asking him to move to give him space, and the comfort they both show show closeness and intimacy. He stops briefly at the door before reminding her to hurry. He might think that they are able to fall asleep again and miss lunch. This may be the only reason why he looks faintly worried, but it is to be interpreted. Jin asked Tae to cut the onion slices a little thinner, and once he completed this simple task, Jk expressed his praise by quietly shouting “oh, V hyung!”, prompting others to shower him with compliments. It`s a joint effort to make him feel good right because. At dinner, members encourage a reserved Joon to dance.

Jk suggests ON`s choreo and increases the hype by making exaggerated moves in his seat, which Tae notices (the submarines don`t pick up Jk`s suggestion, but you can hear it at the next moment). As soon as Jk is done and she makes a lot of laughs, Joon asks her to go back to make one last ad lib. Tae reflects his previous actions and enthusiastically leans forward to take him from his chair to the studio, and looks forward to more hilarious soul voices from Jk. The original Korean text notes “GCF” (alluding to Jk`s filming skills): Hobi apparently leaves two hours later to wake Jk up. The following images confirm the approximate period. Jk stretches and gets up relatively quickly – although he looks sleepy. Given the cut, it must have been a few minutes since Hobi came in. It is not known if he controls his breathing or if he simply rubs his face when he goes there. Members really want Jk to record the ad libs he made during the website.

They call it a “war” and an “ad lib battle” (remember that neither Tae nor Jk uttered these words). Tae was looking for playmates for a water balloon battle – clearly always playful contrary to what they were trying to portray in ep 6. Tae is certainly calmer compared to his young self, but he still likes to joke around. .